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  Kimberly S. Kelly, Wedding Officiant 

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Q: Do we have a choice between a religious ceremony or a Civil Ceremony?

A: YES!  It is your words being spoken, and they should reflect you the couple, your beliefs, and your norms and values! ;) And of course your dreams!

Q: We have children, can we include them in the ceremony? 

A: Of course you can, we can incorporate them in however you feel will fit your families needs and wants the best! 

Q: We lost a loved one, can we make a tribute to them in our service?

A: Most certainly!  I lost my Dad several years ago and I understand how important it is to make sure you and other remember them during your special moments. 

Q: My fiance and I live together, is this going to create a problem? 


Q: We are not really sure of who to contact and what questions to ask vendors, can you help us?

A: Yes of course!  I am here for you even if it is a small question or a large question!  There is NO such thing as a dumb question!

Q: Do you require premarital counseling before you will marry us?

A: No I do not. I am here if you should feel you have any questions or doubts.

Q: What states can you legally marry people in? 

A: I am a Commissioner of Marriage in Virginia which means I can marry people all over the state of Virginia without question or any issues. North Carolina, and South Carolina. 

Q: Our photographer wants to know if Flash Photography is okay? 

A: Yes, I have NO problem with Flash at all!  Actually I am okay with them even moving around behind me during the ceremony. I know some officiants are very funny over this, but it does not bother me!

Q: What is your favorite part of the ceremony?

A:  Okay I know this sounds corny, but I love the part when the bride walks out and watching the look on the grooms face... Its priceless.. 

Q: WHat is the hardest part of a wedding?

A: Really none are really not hard.. But there is occasionally one that really touches your heart and its hard not to cry with the bride and groom.. :) 

***If you find that you have any other questions please feel free to call or email me! :) *****